Our colourists take part in an extensive, ongoing training process that allows for the sharing of techniques and the introduction of colour advancements. All of our Renaissance Colourists graduate through our Level System; as they increase their education and experience, they move up through the Levels - which is reflected in the pricing and services they provide. 

Whether you are looking for a dramatic colour makeover, a subtle Balayage or the addition of a vivid colour, your colour will be expertly applied and compliment your style. Renaissance exclusively uses Goldwell colour.

*If you are looking for a colour correction, major colour change and/or rainbow/vivid colours, we require a consultation prior to booking to ensure proper timing, pricing and availability. Please contact us to book your free consultation!

To give our clients the most flexibility in their options, all colour pricing does not include Styling/Finishing. Please see our Hair Services for blowdry styling options.****

Colour Level 1 Level 2    Level 3   
Root Retouch  $42 - 47+    $52 - 62+   $62+ 
Full (head) Colour  $80+   $100+   $120+


 $82+   $92+   $102+ 


Highlights** Level 1   Level 2     Level 3  
1/3 head Highlights  $45+  $60+   $75+
1/2 head Highlights  $72+  $82+  $102+
Full head Highlights  $90+  $105+   $120+
Balayage (approx.) $125+ $165+ $185+
Toner *needed with most lightening services. $32+ $42+ $52+

 >All hair services include a conditioning treatment with massage and hot towel.

*Elumen pricing varies greatly depending on length & application method.

** Prices may vary depending on length and/or density of the hair.
***All pricing subject to change without notice.

****All colour service pricing is for the colour service only. Please see our Cutting & Styling section for blowdry styling prices. We provide a space for clients, with tools & products, to style their own hair, if they choose to do so.